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First Indian to Circumnavigate the Globe Solo ,Non stop and Unassisted : Abhilash Tomy

Lt.Commander Abhilash Tomy is the first Indian to circumnavigate  the globe solo,nonstop,and unassisted..He traveled 150 days in a Sail boat  alone non stop.Only 80 people in the world have successfully completed this voyage .Abhilash Tomy is the first Asian to do so.He sailed around over 23,000 nautical miles and crossed four oceans.His boat is INS Mhadei.He started his journey on November 1 2012 from Mumbai and reached his midway mark at Cape Horn South Africa on January 26 2013.The Goverment of India honored him with Keerthi Chakra on August 15 2013.

The first Indian to travel around the globe solo was  Commander Dilip Donde.He conducted the journey in 2010 He went around the globe in INS  Mahadei.He was awarded Shaurya Chakra by the Indian Government.(Updated)

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for including my name here. A clarification in regard to the "record". I am the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo and NON STOP and unassisted. Cdr Dilip Donde is the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo (he had four stops)

    1. Hi
      Thanks for commenting , shall rewrite the article with more information.Hope to hear more from you