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The Mauryan Empire in India

This post is about the Mauryan  Empire.The ancient empire which ruled parts of India.

Maurya dynasty ruled India from 322BC to 185 BC.Mauryan empire spanned over an area of 50,000,00sq. Km .The capital of Mauryan empire was Pataliputra (present Patna)
Mauryan empire  was founded by Chandragupta Maurya in in the year 322 BC.He came into power by defeating Nanda dynasty.
He was succeeded by his son Bindusara,during his reign the empire expanded southwards.
He was succeeded by his son Ashoka the Great.Ashoka became a follower of Buddism after the battle of Kalinga.After becoming a Buddhist he  implemented the principle of ahimsa and sponsored Buddhist missions across the world.After the rule of Ashoka the empire declined.Brihadratra Maurya was the last ruler of the Mauryan Empire ,he was killed by his army chief Pushyamitra Sunga  in 185 BC,who founded the Sunga dynasty.
Statues from Mauryan period(wikipiedia)

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