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Anatidaephobia:The fear that somewhere in the world there is a duck watching you.

                                                    Do you fear that a duck is watching you somewhere in the world ,then you have Anatidaephobia.
Anatidaephobia is a  pervasive irrational fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you.

Anatidaephobia is derived from two words.

  • Anatidae a greek word meaning ducks .
  • Phobos   meaning fear.

          A person having  Anatidaephobia believes that wherever they are whatever they are doing a duck is watching them.Person having Anatidaephobia cannot stand the sight of duck.

People having Anatidaephobia  must have experienced a traumatizing event involving a duck when they were young.The symptoms vary from person to person it includes anxiety and panic.Other symptoms include dry mouth,shortsightedness, muscle tension etc.


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