General Knowledge Facts

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There is a hotel in Sweden built entirely out of ice,it is rebuilt every year.

The ice hotel in  Jukkasjavi ,Sweden is the world's first ice hotel.
  • It is a temporary hotel and is reconstructed every year.It attracts a large number of tourist visitors.

  • The entire ice hotel is built of ice and snow taken from the Tourne river.

  • 100000 tonne of ice  and 30000 tonnes of snow is used.The ice and snow is harvested during the spring season.

  • The ice hotel was opened on 1990.Temperature of the the structure is 23 degree Fahrenheit.

  • The hotel features a bar,a church,main hall,reception area,rooms, suits.

  • Ice hotel only exists between December and April.

  • It has been listed as one of the seven wonders of Sweden.


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