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Facts about Mariana Trench the deepest point in the Oceans of the earth

Mariana trench is the deepest point in the worlds ocean it is also known as Marinas trench .Here are some facts about Mariana  trench

  • It is located in the western part of the pacific ocean.
Map of Marina Trench

  • Mariana trench is  2550 Kilometers long 
  • Mariana trench is named after the nearby island, Mariana Island
  • Mariana trench has a known depth of 10.911 km
  •  It has been proposed as a site of  waste  nuclear disposal
  • The first manned vehicle to reach Mariana Trench was"The Bathyscape Trieste ".

Image of the vehicle "The Bathyscape Trieste"  the first vehicle to reach Mariana Trench"

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