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Interesting facts about Horses

Here are some interesting random General Knowledge facts about Horses .

  • Horses are able to sleep standing up and lying down: They are able to  enter light sleep and doze while they are standing.They have adapted to this condition as lying down  makes its vulnerable to predators.

  • The total number of horses in the world are about  75 million.: More than 300 herds of horses are there in the world today.

  • Horses communicate  in many ways  which include vocalizations like  nickering ,mutual grooming and body language. It uses its body parts like  tail for communication.

  • Domestic horses have a lifespan of 25  years.Some horses live beyond  30 years.

  • Horses reach full adult  development at five.

  • A male horse is called stallion,female horse is called  mare , a  young male horse is called colt and young female horse is called filly.Small horses are called pony.

  • Horse gallop at an average speed of 40 to 48 kilometers per hour.

  • Horses sleep two to three hours a day.

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