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Sealand claims to be the smallest country in the world.Interesting facts about Sealand.

Sealand is called by many as the smallest country in the world. Sealand or "The Principality of Sealand" is a micro nation .Actually an unrecognized micro nation .Sealand is located in British WW 2 radar platform which is located in the North Sea..Since 1967 the platform is occupied by Bates family , who claims that it is an independent sovereign state.Roy Bates established Sealand as a nation in 1975 he wrote a constitution and established other national symbols.Though it has been dubbed as the "worlds smallest nation".Its current population is four.

Sealand is located in the international waters.Sealand has only 550 square meters of area.Sealand went through a civil war in  1978 when Alexander Achenbatch  tried to take over Sealand.The official website of the government of Sealand is

Sealand has a football team which is based  outside Sealand.

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  1. great facts about the principality of Sealand, always wanted to live there.

  2. This is the most ridiculous place I think I have ever heard about? how can you have a civil war between 27 people? fucking cretins.

  3. anyone else come here from watching hetalia? XD

    1. OMG! IKR! That's so freaking true, bro/sis (i don't know ur gender) :P