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Facts about the Bermuda Triangle

Here are some general knowledge facts about the Bermuda triangle.

  • The Bermuda Triangle   is an undefined region located in the western part of the Atlantic ocean A large number of  aircrafts and ships are reported to have disappeared in the triangle.It is also known as devils triangle

  • First of the reported disappearance was  on December  1945 when five navvy planes which took off from Florida was never seen again.Since then there have been many  incidents reported .(List of Bermuda Triangle incidents)

  • Many theories have been put forward to explain the mystery relating to Bermuda Triangle  which include both natural as well as supernatural.  Natural explanations include compass variations , violent weather,human error,presence of large fields of Methane Hydrates etc. whereas  the  supernatural explanations are  those like the lost continent of Atlantis(more),presence of UFOs ,etc.
Bermuda triangle area (Wiki)
  • Larry Kusche a research librarian from the Arizona university researched about the topic and concluded in 1975 that  the number of ships reportedly missing in the area   was not higher compared to other regions in the ocean and also said that the Bermuda Triangle was a planted mystery  .

  • The US navvy has not yet recognized the triangle ,according to them it does not exist .The Bermuda Triangle was not included in the list of 10 most dangerous waters for shipping  created by the WWF.

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