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The Mystery of Phaistos Disk : Unsolved mysteries of the world

Phaistos disk is one of the unsolved mysteries of the world.

  • It is a disk of  clay that was discovered in  1908 by the Italian Archaeologist Luigi Pernier in the Minion  palace  site of Phaistos in the Greek  island of Crete.

  • The disc was found in the main cell of an underground temple .

  • It is  dated to be from 2nd millennium  BC.

  • The disc which is of 15 Cm diameter contains various symbols and inscriptions on both side.
Phaistos disc(side A)

  • The inscriptions are written in a code  that is still undecipherable.

  • Many attempts were made to decipher the code , but were unsuccessful.

  • It has 241 tokens and 45 unique signs. 

  • The disk  is accepted as authentic by archaeologists , but few have raised the possibility that it is a hoax created in 1908.

  • Archaeologists trying to decipher it  have proposed that it may be a  geometric theorem , a board game,adventure story ,etc

  • Archaeological enthusiasts still believe that the mystery can be solved but scholars point out that a conclusion is not possible unless more examples of the  signs turns up somewhere.

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