Japan is a Asian country located in the eastern part of the continent.Here are some interesting facts about Japan.

  • The words that make the word 'Japan' means sun origin which has led to Japan being called by the world as "The land of the rising sun".

  • The parliament of Japan is called "Diet".

    Flag of Japan
  • Japan is  world's largest importer as  well as world's largest  exporter.

  • Japan is the third largest national economy in the world after the United States and  China .

  • Japan is a constitutional monarchy.

  • 73 % of the country is forested , mountainous and unsuitable for agriculture ,industrial or residential use.

  • Sumo wrestling is considered to be Japans National  Sport.
A sumo match
  • Japan which suffers from a high suicide rate has suicide as the main cause of death for people under 30.

  • Japan's space agency is  JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). A participant in International Space Station it aims to built a moon base by 2030 among its other goals.


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