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10 interesting facts about Carrots

Lets  go through some interesting  facts about the  common root vegetable Carrot.

  • The word carrot originated from the french word carotte which itself was derived form the Indian word ker which means horn.

  • The original ancestor species of carrot were from Persia .Wild carrots were   selectively bred over the centuries to form the  carrot species that  is being commonly cultivated today. 

  • Carrot seeds which dated up to 3000 BC were found in Germany.

  • Carrots get its orange color primarily from  β carotene

  •  Over 36 Million tonnes of carrot are produced worldwide for human consumption. per year

  • China is the largest producer of carrots in the world and produces 45 % of the total world production.

    Holtville Carrot Festival
  • Holtville a city in California  calls itself the  "carrot capital of world".It holds an annual festival which is devoted entirely to carrot.

  • The composition of carrot: 88% water, 4.7% sugar  2.6% protein, 1% ash,  0.2% fat,

  • The cultivated carrots are divided into 2 types:Eastern Carrot and Western  Carrots.

  • The most devastating disease that affect carrot is alternaria (leaf blight).

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  1. I like to eat carrot because it has lots of health benefits. Thanks for introducing me with more benefits of carrot.

  2. Carrot is a healthy Vegetable

  3. Carrot is a healthy Vegetable

  4. I always liked carrots and now good to know about the origins