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8 Facts About Andorra : One of the smallest countries in the world

Andorra is a small landlocked country located in Europe.Some of you reading this post might be  confused if its a real country or not. Yes it is a real country.Andorra  is a  member of United Nations since 1993.Here are 8 facts about Andorra .


1.  Andorra is a tiny country with a population of around 77,000.

Andorra is the sixth largest  country in Europe with an area of 468 sq km .It is the 16th smallest country in the world by size and 11th smallest by population.

2.  Andorra is a Co-Principality : The world's only one of its kind.

A principality is a country ruled by a prince.Examples are Monaco and Liechtenstein .Andorra is ruled by two princes one being the President of France and the other being  the Bishop of Urgell .

3.  It is the only country in the world with Catalan as official language. 

Catalan is the historic and official language of Andorra.People in Andorra also speak Portuguese,French and Spanish.

4.   Andorra has no railways.

It has a road network of 279km of which 76km is unpaved.The nearest airports to the country are at Toulouse and  Barcelona which is a 3hr drive from Andorra which is a major change to a country which until the 20th century had  very limited transport links to the outside world.

5.  10 Million tourists visits Andorra every year.

Tourism accounts to 80 % of the country's GDP.Visitors are mainly attracted towards Andorra's duty free status and for its summer and winter resorts .Tourists also visit Andorra  for skiing.Andorra has Ski resorts having over 175 km of ski ground which brings 7 million visitors annualy.

6.   Andorra is not a member of European Union.

Even though Andorra isa not a member of European Union but enjoys special relationship with the body for matters including trade.

7.   It has one of the lowest Unemployment rate in the world.

Andorra's unemployment rate stood at 3.7 percent as on 2016 which is one of the lowest in the world .

8.   Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world.

The crime rate in Andorra including street crimes is almost zero.

Flag of Andorra.

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